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Ashley Purdy in 2014

Ashley Purdy (born January 28th, 1984) is the bassist/backup vocalist of Black Veil Brides. He has been in many bands before, and he's the eldest member of Black Veil Brides In addition to this, he has his own fashion line named Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc.

Early Life Edit

Ashley Purdy was born in Fort Worth, Texas and was raised by his grandparents in Berger, Missouri. Ashley has now confirmed he does not have a middle name in the last AP magazine he was featured in with Black Veil Brides. Unlike most of the other Black Veil Brides members, he was never bullied and was actually considered 'cool' for being different. He would frequently get kicked out of his art classes. He lived in a small town in Missouri until his 18th birthday and moved to Los Angeles in order to become a graphic designer, musician, or singer.

Before joining Black Veil Brides, he created three bands named Orgasm, Children of the Beast (Motley Crue tribute band), and Stolen Hearts.

Black Veil Brides Edit

Ashley was contacted by Andy via Craigslist and was asked if he wanted to join Black Veil Brides, originally wanting to steal members from the band to put into his own band though things didn't go as planned when Andy and him started coming up with ideas and as he began preforming with them. He has since been the bassist for Black Veil Brides and is known as the player of the band though little is known if he is still this way from his lack of social media use.

Personal Life Edit

Ashley is 5'11. He loves drinking Jack Daniels and Pepsi. He has been in relationships with Nikki Benz, and Kina Tavarozi. He’s single now. Nikki and Ashley were together for a brief period of time, but Kina and Ashley were together much longer and are still close friends today. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.