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Jake Pitts (born Jacob Mark Pitts; August 21, 1985) is an American guitarist, songwriter, producer, and engineer best known for being the lead guitarist of Black Veil Brides.[1]

Early Life Edit

During his early life, Jake grew up in Idaho. He has an older sister, Sarah Pitts-Lowry, who has two children, named Aiden and Minka. His mother's name was Carolyn and his father's name is Mark.

Growing up Jake had no friends and was a quiet person. He was picked on and laughed at when he said he wanted to be a rock star in the future. In order to cope with the bullying and have something to focus on he would go home and practice guitar.[2]

Black Veil Brides Edit

Jake joined Black Veil Brides in November of 2009 and plays lead guitar. He mixes and engineers the records as well.

Personal LifeEdit

Family Edit

Jake's mother, Carolyn, passed away on January 18, 2014. A song named Carolyn was written by Jake and Andy in honor of her and was featured on the record,we stitch these wounds.

Relationships Edit

He is married to Inna Logvin Pitts. They live in Los Angeles. They are owners of clothing brand Be Real & CO. Also they created a band Aelonia, where Jake plays guitar and sings/screams.


His personal awards while being in the band include:

  • Best Guitarist "Jake Pitts" - Revolver Golden Gods 2012
  • Best Guitarists 2012 - Revolver Golden Gods 2012 (along with Jinxx)
  • Guitarists of the Year 2013 - AP Magazine

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