Original BVB
Sex & Hollywood
is bootleg Black Veil Brides's EP, released on August 25, 2007.

Track ListingEdit

  1. A Devil For Me
  2. Hello My Hate
  3. Sex & Hollywood
  4. The Gunsling (Never Give In edition)
  5. Knives And Pens (Never Give In edition)
  6. The Mortician's Daughter (Never Give In edition)
  7. We Stitch These Wounds (Never Give In edition)
  8. Knives And Pens (Demo) (Bonus track)


  • Andy Biersack (as Andy Six) (lead vocals, backing vocals)
  • Nate Shipp (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals)
  • Kevin Harris (keyboards)
  • Mike Stamper (drums)
    • Mark Singleton (rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
    • Robert Thomas (bass)
      • Chris Stewart (lead guitar)
      • Jaymz Dorman (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
      • Zachy Heartless (drums)
      • Matt Smith (backing vocals)
  • denotes that member played in the Never Give In edition
    • denotes that member played in Knives and Pens

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